About Jessica Campbell Events

“Your endless hours of planning, professionalism, and outstanding attention to details was more than any bride could have asked for. #AgangaWilliamsWedding was hashtagged all over social media! I have to admit, it’s very flattering when everyone talks about how beautiful our wedding was and we owe it all to you!”

– Johanna & Timi Aganga-Williams

A reputation for refined affairs. A penchant for visionary design. And a passion for bringing your family & friends together in the name of love.

At Jessica Campbell Events, we plan those weddings. The ones that make you feel like a guest at your own celebration. We inspire gasps of awe because no detail is left unpolished. We seamlessly weave heartfelt accents and personalized flourishes from grand entrance to last dance. And yes, we sometimes even turn you into the talk of Twitter town.



Hi, I’m Jessica! Miami, FL Luxury Wedding Planner & Event Stylist for discerning clientele who quickly become lifelong friends. Many couples have also called me a “masterful negotiator” with “a willingness to make all of their over the top ideas a reality”. (And that’s the truth.)

I know that planning your dream wedding is no piece of cake. (Even if cake tasting is part of the fun. #weddingplannerproblems)

To keep stress at a minimum and your budget in honeymoon-ready shape, it always pays to have an experienced professional to go to (bridal) bat for you who can double as a supportive cheerleader. Enter moi!

Whether your signature style is understated elegance or grand-scale glam, I produce beautifully orchestrated events that are planned to perfection, flawlessly executed, and inspired by your lavish love. In other words: Prepare to receive a bouquet of blush-worthy compliments like “BEST. WEDDING. EVER.”

I bring the glitz and ritz, handle hiccups while dressed in a smile, and transform thoughtful design elements into cherished memories that’ll pop out of your wedding photos in the happily ever after years to come.

Best of all, I offer personalized attention that knows no bounds. I’m all about the impeccable professionalism and loving hand-holding because I understand the value of a luxurious client experience (a throwback to my MBA days).

When you need someone to find you that jaw-dropping Ines Galia Lahav or Di Santo gown, I’m your woman!

When you have your heart set on ribbon strung Napoleon chairs or scene-stealing blooms (let’s talk phalaenopsis orchids and peonies), I’ve got you covered.

Not to mention, with my unparalleled vendor connections and previous background as a financial planner, I can stretch your dollars without stretching your budget.

Want to give your guests an affair to gossip about?

(In the best way possible.)

Then check out our suite of services.

xoxo, jessica
confessions of a wedding planner

// My mom owned an evening gown boutique that carried her own luxurious formal wear clothing line // I volunteer at Jesse J. McCrary Jr. Elementary, an elementary school named after my late father who was an Attorney and the Secretary of State of Florida // The first event I planned was my 4th grade Kris Kross roller skating birthday party (which required dressing with your clothes backwards to get in) // I’m a sports junkie, but hate working out // I was one seriously skilled soccer player back in the day and competed on the American Soccer Ambassadors women’s team at age 14 in Belgium, England, Holland, and Germany // I’m a compulsive snacker (cheese & crackers are my go-tos) // You’d likely run into me at the theatre or opera // My fave reading material is National Geographic // I’m obsessed with our solar system & the galaxy (I lurk on NASA’s Instagram daily) // I’m crazy in love with my 3-year-old son, Kingston (who thinks he’s a ninja turtle), my 9 month old Princess, Kingsley, and my husboo + WSVN sports reporter, Donovan Campbell //

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