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As a weddingista whose heart skips a beat for a well-written rom com, surprise smooch from my mister or touching vows shared between one of my couples, my love for love stretches far beyond the realm of planning.
Bridal Suite CHIC

Remember to get stitched before getting hitched! Dress up your girls for your bachelorette party in our bridesmaid “You can’t stand with us” tees, rock a chic bridal robe the morning of your “I dos”, or make waves on the beaches of your honeymoon destination with a hot pink kichu wrap cover up. We’ve got personalized bridal wear and fun fashions to help you make a stylish statement when it’s your time to “Bride.So.Hard.”…Yep! That’s one of our uber chic tees too! I’m ready to shop!


Bridal Babes Fitness

Need to do squats before tying the knot? You deserve to look and feel like your best on your wedding day (and beyond!). In collaboration with Johanna Torres Fitness, we’re bringing you simple but effective workouts to get you into aisle-ready shape. Imagine showing off your toned arms in that strapless gown, posing for wedding photos like you’re on the red carpet, and getting double takes while lounging on the beach in that new bikini you bought for your honeymoon. You may be a wifey in training now, but in our expert hands, you’ll be transformed into a Bridal Babe in no time!


Custom Registries

Dread the thought of getting fine china you’ll use twice in your life, a third towel set, or cookware you’ll probably re-gift to your just-starting-out niece come Christmas? For many contemporary couples who have already been sharing a roof (and, reluctantly, the TV remote!), a traditional wedding registry can easily miss the mark and leave you with a lot of undesirable love-loot.

At Jessica Campbell Events, we create custom registries that will showcase those gifts you really want (hello, oceanfront couples massage in Aruba or a candlelit dinner at the top of the Eiffel Tower) and will actually use (like those Hollywood Regency mirror nightstands that’ll glam up your master retreat).

We make it easy for you to divide your fantasy honeymoon or dream home into an affordable range of purchasable items, which in turn, makes the gift shopping a cakewalk for your loved ones.

Registries are personalized to reflect your individual personalities and aesthetic as a couple, can be packaged with our wedding planning services, and come fully equipped to receive credit and debit card payments. Guests can even leave you a private message, telling you how jealous they are that you’ll be sipping vino in Italy while they’re stuck in the office. (Of course, you’ll be too busy having the time of your life to feel bad.)

Want to get more info about our custom registries and make sure you get gifts you care about when you say “I do”? Send us an email. Because you really don’t need another blender.


Stressed thinking about a playlist that can keep your young friends groovin’ while still keeping your parents and their besties on the dance floor?

Why settle for one Dj at your wedding reception when you can have three? In collaboration with Silent Revolution, Jessica Campbell Events exclusively offers the perfect solution for satisfying all of your wedding guests musical desires…three dj’s playing three different genres of music on the same dance floor, all night long! How is this possible, you ask? Every guest is provided a state of the art wireless headphone that has the capability to switch the audio of each Dj like you would switch radio stations! When you switch Dj’s, your headphones change color so you and your guests can see what station you’re jamming to! But don’t worry, if you’re not rockin’ our uber cool wireless headphones, you can still tear up the dance floor to the tunes of the main Dj whose beats you can hear through the main speakers in your ballroom.

So get your three playlists together and keep your entire guest list on the dance floor! Pop, House, Hip Hop, Latin, Old School, Rock…now everyone can hear it all (or change it all) during your wedding reception. Perfect for your “Hora Loca” or the entire night! You’re the #BossBride, so you decide!

So before you nix Sinatra and Stevie off of the “must play” list, make mom, pops, and their crew happy by giving them their own Dj, and a pair of headphones for the night and watch them light up the dance floor like you’ve never seen before! But don’t be surprised if they’re tuned into the same Dj station as you, two stepping to Taylor, Drake, and Ariana! ‘Rents turn “cool” with a little liquor in them!

Want to see Silent Revolution in action? Well, doesn’t everybody?
Click here!

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