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Dream Day Design Guide

Maybe it started with a stolen glance. Then came the romantic courtship, laughter-filled date nights and heart-fluttery moments that made you crush on ’em so hard. (Those eyes? MELT.) Before you knew it, you were making family and friends fake-gag with your “husboo” and “babycakes” pet names. And now you’re doing something you’ve been envisioning since the day you met — affirming your luscious love.

With this fun guide, I’ll help you design the dream day you’ve always wanted (and then some). Ready to unleash your butterflies of excitement? Then let’s get started…

For the Blushing Bride-to-be:

For the Mister Who Can’t Wait to Kiss Her:

How you see your special day going down:

Who will be a part of your entourage?

Who else will be celebrating at your side? (Check all that apply.)

How can I turn your Pinterest DREAM Wedding into a reality? (Check all that apply.)

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